„You can talk with trees like with brothers“
Erich Kästner (1899 – 1974)

The trees’ pertinacity connects human lives

Since time began human beings have maintained a special relationship to trees: they protect them from the sun and the rain, their burning timber heats them, their fruits nourish them, their fruitage feeds them on. Furniture, houses and bridges are made out of trees, and only looking at them makes one happy. That’s the reason why they have a great part in fairytales, in myths and in the literature. Even today we can admire trees which were planted for various occasions in the past. Various occasions like births, deaths, weddings, village festivities – but also when states were founded. Planted to offer shadow and as decoration, for the recuperation in parks or as protection of precious biotopes. Trees live longer than human beings and connect us to the past and the coming generations. Yggdrasil, the immense ash tree of the Norse mythology, stretches its branches into the sky and is considered being a holy divinity. Its three roots extend far away into the Gods’ land Asgard, into the giants’ land Jotunheim and even into the netherworld. Every day the Gods get together in Yggdrasil’s shadows to have a meeting – and that until the end of time.

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