Beer gardens, wine gardens as well as leisure parks

Gardens for harvesting, drinking, and for having fun

When the city became too narrow for an inhabitant of the city of Berlin it has always sought it’s salvation in the countryside. In the mid-16th century 70 vineyards and 26 wine gardens already existed in the area around Berlin. They connected a pleasure of being in the nature with wine tasting. Later, the numerous beer gardens along the Bamim-Hangkant did so.

In these beer gardens thousands of millions guests found an umbrageous place under the trees. On Sundays people drunk their beer at Würst, Bötzow, Schultheiss or Pfeffer, by Groterjahn in the Königsstadt Brewery or at the brewery in Friedrichshain. When the horsecar came to replace the carriages from the second half of the 19th century onwards, many pleasure gardens were opened at the gates of Berlin, as, for example, in nice excursion sites of Pankow.

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